We appreciate your decision to join our clinic for the therapeutic needs of your child. Because we are completely committed to children, our program of care may differ from your past experiences. We hope the following information helps you and your child feel comfortable with us.


We consider parents an integral partner in caring for a child and your cooperation is vital. Together we become your child’s therapeutic team. Since you are beginning your child’s care program we want you to know some things that really help.

You are always welcome to come see what we are doing with your child; ask your child’s therapist to accompany you back to the treatment area. At regular intervals during your child’s treatment program, you will be asked to come participate and learn ways to implement therapy tasks into your home.

Since every child is unique and handles new situations differently, it is best for the therapist to have your child’s full attention. While your child may be upset at first, they calm down once in the treatment area and the fun begins!


Due to HIPPA laws and liability, it is important that we protect the medical information of all our clients; therefore, it is important that when you are observing your child, you are only privy to your child’s treatment. Only one parent or guardian is allowed back into the treatment area at a time. Siblings or other children are not allowed in the treatment area at any time.


Our first priority is to establish communication and trust with your child. We will utilize the tell-show-do technique and positive reinforcement to educate your child while completing the necessary therapeutic treatment. Our therapists utilize communication notebooks to provide information to families regarding child’s treatment plan and progress.



We schedule appointment times for your child and we require 80% participation. We ask that you notify your therapists if you know your child will not be able to participate due to illness or in the event of a family trip. We do understand that occasionally some of our patients will invariably play havoc with our schedule and sometimes cause delays. Know that when the day comes for your child to need extra time or attention, he or she will receive the attention he or she needs.


All that said, to help us stay on schedule, please be on time for your appointments. If for some reason you will not be able to make it to your appointment, we ask that you call the office,so we can schedule accordingly.


Please let us know if you object to the use of time-out (1 minute per age of your child), celebration of birthdays or holidays, food allergies or anything else specific to your child that will affect our time with him/her. We intend to render our services as we would for our own children. If at any time you have a question concerning your child’s therapeutic plan, please feel free to ask us. Thank you again for your commitment to your child’s future. We appreciate your trust in our clinic and understand the importance of your child. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns.